Praxispartner gesucht – Von der Luft- und Raumfahrt zur Medizintechnik

Altran Hamburg überlegt Systeme zur Sauerstoffversorgung für Patienten zu entwickeln und sucht Praxispartner. Hier finden Sie den One-Pager und hier weitere Informationen:

Altran Hamburg is thinking of a development that can supply oxygen to patients. Please see the one-pager attached. The product is not foreseen for clinics, but more for emergency cases as it provides 90% oxygen (not 100%). A prototype could be ready within 4-7 weeks. Their question is if a) there is a need for such a product? b) if European companies like to team up with Altran in this matter. Please give feedback if you have answers to the request to


Christian Scherhag, Hamburg Aviation