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Hutchinson Aerospace Composite Production Facility | KTN, Nobitz

Hutchinson Aerospace is a leading end-to-end supplier of aerospace systems. We apply material science, engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing, onsite and aftermarket solutions to meet your needs. Hutchinson manufactures air ducting systems & cabin interior such as side walls and hatrack parts. Our KTN (Leipzig – Germany) production facility has been a supplier of composite parts to the aerospace industry since 2001.

Our processes utilize state-of-the-art technologies including: Low pressure hosing, twin-shell open molding, double side press molding, mandrill tape wrapping, CFRP molds, vessels and vacuum bags. Our production facilities include: Autoclaves, high temperature ovens, 5 axis milling machines, NC cutting machines. Hutchinson provides the means to manufacture & design both thermoplastic and thermoset parts.

KTN production processes are supported by the Hutchinson Production System which improves existing processes and supports lean manufacturing ensuring customers receive reliable performance and high quality deliveries.

In 2014 Hutchinson founded a composite production site in Brasov, Romania. KTN (Germany) and Brasov (Romania) hold a DIN EN 9100 (ISO 9001) certification. KTN holds an ISO 50001 (Energy Management) while Brasov is certified with ISO 14001 (Environmental Management). Our customer references include Airbus, Diehl Aircabin, EFW, Bombardier and Siemens.