About us

The network LRT represents the interests of companies and facilities in the field of aerospace in Saxony and Thuringia. The activities should be used to promote developments in these areas to contribute to the creation and to the secure workplaces in the future and to strengthen the regional network of the industrial sector.

Aerospace industry in Saxony and Thuringia

  • Production of components for aircraft and space flight
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Test of aircraft structures
  • Research and development projects
  • Air traffic management


Stabilization and strengthening of regional industrial and scientific competencies and potentials of the aerospace industry.

Excellence in research and development of regional enterprises to become a supplier for the aerospace industry in the areas of:

  • Materials and substances
  • Production technologies of materials and semi-finished products
  • Calculation, simulation and engineering procedures
  • Automated manufacturing technology for components and structures
  • Testing and qualification proceedings

Development and location of new production capacity by the knowledge transfer of research and development results to manufacturing

Generating additional growth by transferring aerospace technology into other branches and industries


The competence center aerospace and space technology Saxony/Thuringia e.V. (LRT) has the aim to support the establishment and development of networks and co-operations in the field of aerospace and space between companies, university research institutions as well as external industry research institutions. The LRT helps to strengthen the role of the states Saxony and Thuringia in the aerospace and space industry.

Aims of the LRT:

  • Development of a professional network of the Saxon and Thuringian companies and institutions working in the field of aerospace and space industry,
  • Presentation and analysis of existing potentials and core competences in business and science,
  • Organisation of an effective exchange of information and experiences between all partners in the aerospace and space industry,
  • Development of a comprehensive network to design new integrated product lines from research to development and product, as well as for temporary co-operations for working on special tasks,
  • Providing capacities for training and further education at universities,
  • Providing offers for qualification and training for small and medium sized companies to overcome the high entry barriers at participation on national and international projects,
  • Represent common interests of the aerospace and space industry vis-à-vis policy makers and public.


The association competence center for aerospace and space technology Saxony/Thuringia e.V. (LRT) is working on the following topics in close cooperation with its members to implement the goals:

  • Representation of interests of the members and voice of the regional aeronautics and space industry vis-à-vis policy makers, the public and associations (such as BDLI, DLR, ESA)
  • Co-operation with the government and other political and economic decision-makers (Federal Ministries, representatives, major enterprises a.o.)
  • Support with acquisition of orders by the aeronautical and space industry for the Saxony and Thuringia site
  • Public relation with international representation of Saxony’s and Thuringia’s aerospace activities and potentials
  • Principal contact for all aspects of aerospace technology
  • Bundling potentials of the regional aerospace industry to exploit synergistic effects and to broaden competences and expertise
  • Support forming networks for co-operation of research and development with regional industrial partners
  • Arranging contacts to strengthening the competitiveness particularly for small and medium enterprises
  • Current news of members, networking, communication and reconciliation of interests between LRT-members and partners