Supply Chain Excellence Saxony (SCE Saxony)

The technology region Saxony is an international admitted Center of Competence for Aerospace and Space Technologies. The structural transformation in the aerospace industry is progressing fast. Furthermore traditional supplier relationships come under increasing pressure because of the industrialization of the value chains.

To remain and optimize the wide-range and manifold supplier infrastructure in Saxony and to improve the competitive positions the Initiative Supply Chain Excellence Saxony (SCE Saxony) have been started at the 1st July 2018. The three year project is supporting the companies with activities and arrangements to handle the new requirements and the structural change.

SCE Saxony connects the results and experiences of the German-wide Supply Chain Excellence (SCE). The main topics of the initiatives are:

  • Cooperation
  • Sales and Operational Planning,
  • Industrial Performance,
  • Internationalization,
  • Financing and Contracts, plus
  • New Business Services.

More about the main topics (German)

“All companies are allowed to join all activities concerning the mentioned topics. With the individual combination of the relevant subjects every company is able to improve its processes.”, explains the responsible project Manager. “The target of the SCE Saxony is to inform the SMEs about regional, national and global trends in the aerospace supplier market and show explicit solution possibilities”

“All aerospace companies are invited to be a part of the SCE initiative to develop activities, events and recommendations for actions to use it for the company’s strategic orientation.“