ERFURT Bildungszentrum Unternehmensverbund

The ERFURT Bildungszentrum Unternehmensverbund under the umbrella of the Thuringian Foundation for Education and Vocational Qualification is partner of the industrial companies in Thuringia Germany and internationally for the development of qualified specialists.

As a high-performance national and international service provider in the state capital of Erfurt, we have been working since 1990 as an innovative group of companies.

We guide people along their career paths, from their initial training through to their management qualification with an attractive infrastructure of buildings, very fashionably and innovatively equipped education centers and overnight stay possibilities in the residential center, and with certified teachers, training instructors, and executives.

For an innovative educational service provider to correspond with the new demands of the change from a manufacturing to an information society and the requirements for industrial enterprises to increase the competence of their workforce and executives, business divisions were outsourced and successfully placed as subsidiaries or holding companies with new business segments in the Thuringian market.

The service spectrum of the enterprise group is flexible and organized and involves being close to the customers. It includes a variety of tailor-made educational services and supports the enterprises in achieving educational ability and willingness of the trainees to be educated.

We realize a broad spectrum for our more than 600 partner companies from the industry:

  • Industrial vocational training
  • Adult training
  • Corporate Training
  • Higher vocational education – industrial master (IHK), state-certified technician
  • Personnel recruiting, recruitment

In the following emphases:

  • Metal technology, CNC, CAM
  • Electrical engineering, IT
  • Media technology
  • Industry 4.0
  • Automation technology
  • Welding
  • Plastic
  • Automotive
  • Commercial
  • Typographically
  • Warehouse / Logistics
  • Event technical equipment