Oberlausitzer Luftfahrttextilien GmbH

Hutchinson Aerospace Insulation Production Facility | OLUTEX, Seifhennersdorf

Hutchinson Aerospace is a leading end-to-end supplier of aerospace systems. We apply material science, engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing, onsite and aftermarket solutions to meet your needs. Hutchinson Aerospace has been a partner to Airbus for thermal and acoustic insulation systems since 1997.

Our OLUTEX production facility in Seifhennersdorf has been supplying insulation systems to the aerospace industry since its foundation in 2003. Our customer and lean management orientated production facility is close to the Czech and Polish borders. We utilize state-of-the-art production technologies including: CNC cutting, specific welding technologies, barcode identification.

OLUTEX is supported by the Hutchinson Production System which aims to constantly improve processes and support lean manufacturing to ensure our customers receive reliable performance and high quality deliveries.

OLUTEX holds a DIN EN 9100 (ISO 9001) certification and is fully qualified according to Airbus and Boeing requirements. Insulation services and installation teams are located near final assembly lines in Europe including Hamburg and Bremen (Germany), Toulouse and Saint Nazaire (France), and Seville (Spain). Our customer references include Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Alestis, Boeing, Diehl Aircabin, EFW and AWACS.