Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik Dresden GmbH & Co. KG

Your certified partner in surface technology

  • electroplated coatings
  • chemical plating
  • anodized layer, hard anodising
  • painting

NFG has been active in the field of aviation-engineering surface protection at its base in Dresden-Klotzsche for about 50 years. Formerly Flugzeugwerft Dresden´s galvanising plant, we have been an independent company of the Nehlsen AG group in Bremen since 1998. In january 2004 the swiss BWB-group acquired the majority shareholding. In accordance with the standards of the aerospace industry or simply as requested by our customers, NFG finishes parts made of diverse base materials by covering them with metallic, oxide or organic coatings and thus giving them specific functional and/or decorative features. Our quality system has been approved according to the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI) guideline (QSF-A/B) and certified to DIN EN 9100 and DIN ISO 9001-2008. We have been awarded the EURAS seal of approval and the approval of the Deutsche Bahn AG.

Our main fields of activity are:

  • aerospace industry, military engineering
  • mechanical/ electrical engineering, semiconductorindustry
  • vehicle and rail construction
  • Varnishing