Nanotech Digital GmbH

Nanotech Digital GmbH is a highly experienced engineering company working with materials, equipment and component technologies related to the semiconductor, display & battery industry. Our focus lies on developing transparent electrodes with graphene technologies, engineering services for semiconductor & display equipment and parts.

In addition to that, we are currently acting as the European head and distribution office for ‘SEC Co. Ltd.’.
SEC Co. Ltd. is the best inspection system company selling and developing industrial X-ray inspection systems and scanning electron microscopes. Furthermore SEC Co. Ltd. offers and develops solutions for linear accelerator systems and semiconductor packaging systems for LCD driver IC as well.

Our main business fields are:

  • transparent electrode film with graphene
  • semiconductor parts and equipment services
  • X-Ray systems – 3D-Inspection (Void, Cu Filar, Package) for mass production (AXI)
  • Tabletop SEM & EDS systems
  • linear accelerator – high power X-ray source, application: airplane, missile inspection, container cargo inspection, large material nondestructive inspection