Institute for Aerospace Engineering at TU Dresden

The main research objectives are concentrated on new developments and on engineering science for space activities, test and space qualification of new technologies for different Mission concepts and spacecraft subsystems, and their transfer to terrestrial applications. Besides the development of small satellites and a sounding rocket for educational purposes (SOMP I and SOMP II – Student On-Orbit Measurement Project, SMART Rockets), the main focus is Basic research on and the development of field electric emission propulsion systems, new ion sources and revolutionary Propulsion and energy concepts. Other working Areas are the investigation of new miniaturized power generation methods using ambient energy sources, and the demonstration of the applicability on small satellites. Advanced miniaturized sensors developed at the chair of space systems measure the residual atmosphere (that is atomic and molecular oxygen) on top of the ISS and small satellite missions. These sensor devices offer various advantages in operational and scientific applications for terrestrial medicine, vacuum and environmental systems. A dedicated graduation school war established to investigate new technologies and concepts needed for future Earth Observation and interplanetary science missions (funded by Airbus).