Flughafen Dresden GmbH

Flughafen Dresden GmbH (trademark: Dresden International) is a subsidiary of Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding. In 2009, 1,722,926 passengers and 34,798 aircraft movements were registered here. Our timetable (2010) features more than 290 departures per week to 54 destinations in 17 countries in Europe, North Africa and Middle East. Our catchment area includes Saxony, Southern Brandenburg, Northern Bohemia in the Czech Republic and Lower Silesia in Poland. It also covers two of Eastern Germany´s biggest conurbations, Dresden und Chemnitz-Zwickau.

The addition of the word “International” boosts the worldwide tourism marketing activities of the state Saxony and its capital city Dresden. It also highlights the ease with which passengers can access the world´s major airport hubs from Dresden, either non-stop or on one of the many feeder flights from here.