4Source electronics AG

Clever purchase Solutions for electronic components
Whether dealing with special procurement in the face of acute shortages or the strategic fulfilment of your long-term needs, 4Source combines conventional and alternative procurement channels for electronic components, thereby serving as your gateway to the entire global market.

We also procure allocated or discontinued components, irrespective of the quantity and manufacturer – immediately or on demand!

As the “component emergency service”, 4Source is able to fully utilise its strengths as an independent, globally networked distributor. Thanks to structured, worldwide special research, it is possible to achieve above-average search successes within the shortest period of time, even for components which are currently not supplied via conventional distribution channels.

Not all components are available through conventional channels at all times. So connect with a “free partner” at the right time and complete your supplier portfolio! 4Source optimises your procurement channels with respect to price and delivery time to secure stock availability according to your long-term demand – project based, annual demand or last-time buy.

The goods receipt check is therefore based on the strict American IDEA standard, which stipulates a complex test cascade so as to rule out all imaginable sources of error. Amongst others we use digital microscopy and in-depth testing of components by means of X-ray inspection.