Altran GmbH & Co.KG

Altran advises its clients at every stage of the project life cycle and assists in innovation from development to series-production readiness. The two business lines, „Altran Technologies“ for technology and innovation consulting and „Altran CIS“, specialist in information systems consulting, are the answer to a client‘s individual requirements.

With bases in over 20 countries as well as its efficient international coordination, Altran can undertake transnational projects. Altran is an „E2S Level A Supplier for Engineering Services“ for EADS and works with Dasell, Diehl, Lufthansa and Thales among others. Altran‘s aerospace expertise ranges from overall aircraft design with „Airworthiness Certification“ to system development and supplier management.

The Altran Development Centre in Chemnitz develops special test equipment among other things, for development, end-of-line tests or maintenance of aircraft components and it has an excellent reputation in the area of ‚definition and installation of satellite wiring‘. For example the entire cableform for the Earth Explorer CryoSat-2 mission, which was launched into space in April 2010 and will monitor until 2013 the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica as well as the sea, was produced in the Altran development centre in Chemnitz.